Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunrise moments

Lazily walked the 10 feet to the beach in the dark at 4:30 Tuesday morning. I laid out a lumba (piece of cloth) and Randy and I just sat in the quiet and watched expectantly as light started to peak up above the horizon. I sat in great expectation knowing that God is an extravegant God and LOVES to amaze me. Sitting quietly in the arms of my husband I asked the Lord, “Father, why do you bless us so extravegantly? You gave us so many gifts just in the last 24hrs I can hardly count them all, and I'm sure there are many blessings I didn't even see.”

My heart was quiet for some time as I just sat quietly waiting for an answer. “My daughter, if you think the past 24 hrs where extravagant, what do you call what I did for you on the cross?”

SILENCE.........tears............bright reds and soft blues on the horizon.

I know in my heart, because of going through very dark moments in the past, that even when I can't SEE or FEEL Your extravagant love, it doesn't mean it's not pouring down on me. For you are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore Your love remains the same.

I truly don't understand the sacrifice you made for me Lord. Why. Why did you do that? Why have you done all these things for me?”

Because if I didn't love you extravagantly I wouldn't be God.”

Then be my God. Not because you love me extravagantly but because you know how to love me PERFECTLY.”

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