Monday, May 16, 2011

Never know what will happen in a day in Madagascar...

Splashes and … that Abba?
This morning as Randy and I were taking the boys to school I dropped my water bottle in the street. The cap of the bottle was pointing directly at me. when a car drove by running right over it. It spewed forth ALL the water onto me. Nice.

After dropping the boys off at school Randy was telling me that, on Saturday, as he was preparing to teach his class there was someone in a nearby practice room playing the piano and the entire class started singing in unison “Dancing Queen...” That's right people....Abba. I knew I LOVED this country.


  1. Hi Meg. I'm not sure if I want you guys to come home. I love having my coffee in the morning and reading about your exciting adventures! You will just have to blog about life in Q-town! You are amazing. _L. Thomas.

  2. your water bottle story is a scene straight out of a steve marting movie or something. not even in mada are you safe from abba!