Monday, May 16, 2011

Stitches anyone?.....Not for Cole but for Mommy...

We have had a very interesting last 24 hours. I was on the phone with my mom when I heard a scream escape Colie's lungs. (Those of you who know him know how loud he talks normally so imagine the scream...). I quickly told my mom I had to go, hung up the phone and looked up and saw Colie walking into the house with blood dripping off of his eye.

Ah, another chance to practice NOT panicking. Thanks Lord.....(said sarcastically) Long story short we found out he fell down the cement stairs outside....while carrying a pair of scissors. Great. The Lord really watched over that boy. The scissors did NOTHING. He gashed his head open right above his right eye and had many scrapes on his back, toes, fingers, knees, get the picture.

We called the surgen on our team because we were pretty sure he'd need stitches. Dr. Jonathan's wife answered. She said he was asleep and asked if we could come in 2 hours. (Turns out due to the language barrier...they are korean...she didn't understand that he may need stitches...thus she didn't feel rushed.) So, we then called the nurse practitioner and he said it would be ok to wait 2 hours. Just use tape and tape the cut together as tightly as

So, I got out the scotch tape and taped that puppy up. Poor Colie. He was VERY brave. We spent the 2 hours watching some movies to keep his mind off of his head. Then we took a taxibe to Dr. Jonathan's house. He cleaned the wound VERY well using peroxide and flushing it out with a large bottle of saline. He said that the cut was very deep but because it was a perfectly smooth cut across he didn't have to do stitches, he could just use steri strips. I was so thankful for Cole's sake. He braved it out and got a piece of chocolate in the end.

God provided the perfect ride home for us. We got on a taxibe with a group of people who obviously all knew each other. Two young guys in the back offered Seth and Cole a seat on their laps. (We were standing squished in the back). Once the kids were on their laps the guys exclaimed excitedly (in Malagasy) “We've got small foreigners on our laps everyone!” We then listened as the guys and our boys made jokes in Malagasy! Calling each other “crazy” and causing the entire taxibe to roar in laughter! I ended up being the one in “stitches” :)hehehe

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  1. i'm glad the poor kid didn't have to get stitches- the peroxide cleaning alone sounded ouchy. thankful he didn't impale himself on the scissors. pretty funny that those guys got such a kick out of having white kids on their laps!