Sunday, May 8, 2011

Korean blessings (part 2 of beach adventure)

We left Tana with the thought of driving all the way to Tamatave (about 8 ½ – 9 hrs) We didn't have a clue where we were going to sleep in Tamatave once we got there. Randy had tried to get us a room in several hotels he found on the internet but they were all full. We figured we could find something once we got there. Halfway through our drive JeongAe got a phone call from our Korean teammates who had been in Tamatave for the last 2 days, saying that there was a Korean couple who was willing to have us stay at their house over night! What a blessing. We were to meet them at a Korean restaurant in Tamatave.

We pulled up to the restaurant and met Joel and Debra, another Korean family and another Korean couple. They had all come to welcome us to Tamatave and enjoy dinner with us. We really enjoyed our time with them and the food. Yes, Randy found something on the menu he liked!

We were totally surprised when we found out that one of the couples had paid for our dinner! What a blessing. As we got back into the car to follow Joel and Debra to their house JeongAe told us that the same couple had given us the equivalent of $150.00 in ariary! When someone has the gift of giving generously, in Korea they says “She has a big hand”. This couple had a big hand. It was such a blessing. (We used that money to pay for our dinner each night and for the bungalows we stayed in on the way home in Andasibe!)

So we spent the night at Joel and Debra's. In the morning we woke up to a lovely breakfast. Debra then took us to the supermarket to get a few things. They also went to a bakery to buy some bread. To our suprise Debra had gone and bought Seth a birthday cake! I was amazed at these people's thoughtfulness and generosity!

Now, on the way home from the beach you read about our adventures with BumbleBUTT. The amazing thing is how God set everything up in advance for us. Because we had dinner in Tamatave with the Koreans we had the number of the one couple. When we knew we were having mechanical difficulties JeongAe called Madam Wang (the couple who paid for our dinner and gave so generously to us) and asked if she or her husband knew of a reliable mechanic in Tamatave (which was only about 1 ½ hrs away from Foulpointe). She told us to just come right to her husband's company because they could look at BumbleBUTT there. So our 1 ½ hr trip turned into a 2 ½ hr trip due to having to pull over and turn the car off for 5 minutes to let it cool down every 20 minutes or so, BUT, we made it safely!

We found the Korean business without a whole lot of difficulty. They came out and greeted us and led us upstairs to a very nice waiting room. The boys watched a movie on the computer while the rest of us relaxed, drank coffee, and read our books. The Korean's were so taken with Seth and Cole that they kept bringing sweets and sodas for them! Two hours later our car had a new hose and they insisted on us NOT paying them. Unbelievable! Now, had we not met them for dinner in Tamatave on our way to the beach in the beginning of the week we would not have known them and had that connection!
Is this a God thing or WHAT?!?!

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