Monday, May 30, 2011

Reaction to prophecies unfullfilled and false teachings (Thank you Harold Camping for giving me a blog topic.)

May 25, 2011

I'm realizing a very painful truth about myself. I often put my trust and hope in things God has said to me/or I think He's said to me, whether it be through scripture, prophecy, or in prayer. “What's the problem with that?” you might ask. I'm human. I WILL misinterpret God. I will misunderstand His meanings. I will misrepresent Him. Why? Because I'm human and am incapable of accurately understanding a perfect God.

I was thinking about what it would feel like to be one of those who truly believed that the rapture was coming Saturday, May 21, 2011. That Saturday that came and went. How is their faith doing now? I was wondering what it was like to be a disciple or a Jew in the times of Jesus when they truly believed He was going to come and conquer in their lifetime. Yes, you could read the prophecies and come to that understanding. But their understanding, NOT the prophecy, was wrong. What happened to their faith? They ended up crucifying the One they thought would save them from the “now”.

And so I'm realizing that I often put my faith and hope into things I think the Lord is telling me. There ARE things that the Lord tells me, most of the time I think what He tells me will happen one way and it doesn't. It happens another way. What then? My faith is shaken. Why? Because God didn't do what I expected? No, because I misunderstood. And therefore, I have come to a conclusion. I need to NOT put my faith and hope in things said, even from the Lord, though His words are perfect, my hearing and understanding is NOT.

So I will once again, realign my heart with God's Spirit As the song says, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness”. NOT on interpretations of scripture, NOT in prophecies given over me, NOT in what the pastor says from the pulpit, but in One true and constant …. JESUS.

Men try to interpret these divine words of Yours.
Your word is good but my foundation of faith can't be in their labors.

Only time will tell if prophecies are true.
Words given by humans or words given by You.

Therefore I do not hope on things man has said.
For it can cause confusion and I can be misled.

What do I do if things turn out differently?
Different from what I understood Your word to say?

Then my faith in You is shaken.
The meaning of the words I read mistaken.

Misunderstood prophecies and portions of scripture
I lay them down for something much richer.

The death the pain the agony
Of setting hopes and dreams at your feet.

So people, share your ideas, your understanding of truth.
Just know they are human and not fool proof.

Not that I am ignorant of what the Bible says.
I hear it and read it. Try my best to follow Your ways.

My understanding is not perfect and therefore I'm flawed.
That doesn't stop me from sharing about the God I'm in awe of.

I know Your words are true. Man's interpretation is limited.
I still read Your word, and in my heart hide it.

But my eyes, my hope, my trust is in You.
My understanding can't begin to comprehend Your truth.

And so my faith is not built on theology.
It is built on the blood that was shed for me.

You give promises. Your words are true.
I look not to them, but only to You

So you can use me freely
No longer looking at promises received.

Righteousness, hope, and truth worth living for.
Enduring peace and satisfaction ever more.

For when that day comes, when mysteries are revealed.
When Christ has returned and He's broken every seal (Revelation 6).

There will be no more questions, no more arguments and doubts.
No more “meant well” false prophecies thrown all about.

My hope is therefore, built on nothing less,
Then Jesus blood and His righteousness. 

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  1. i couldn't sleep on the night before the "apocalypse" so i laid there and prayed for harold. i was thinking how sad it would be to get to his age and be so out of line with God. it's a good reminder for us all to pray for humility and wisdom.