Monday, June 25, 2012

familial positions

June 23, 2012
My baby (Cole) turned 6 years old June 19th! I've had to have many loving, snuggly moments with him as he has started to realized he's not going to be my baby, the youngest, for long. The boys have been showing their hesitation to this new addition to our family in different ways. Seth has been saying at night, “Mommy I don't feel like you're giving me enough attention and snuggle time.”

Cole has been waking up in the mornings speaking baby language. I sat Cole down and explained to him that his position in the family would be changing. Right now, he and Seth were just individual cookies being the oldest and the youngest in the family. However, when the baby comes, Cole will move from being the youngest, as the baby will now be the other cookie. Cole, will now be the middle child which means he gets to be the CREAM in the middle of the cookies!!!!!

He wasn't sure he liked this idea of not being the youngest, but being the cream in the cookie has grown on him over the weeks!

Both boys are excited about our addition, just hesitant. They can't wait to “help” mommy. Most excited question asked so far? “Do we have to change a poopie diapers?” hmmmm, I could really use this to my advantage. It took all of me to NOT say, “Only if you're well behaved. Disobey and you're on poopie duty!”