Thursday, March 10, 2011

The long awaited pictures of the taxi-bes

So, many of you have asked for me to put up some pictures of the taxi-be (pronounced "taxi-bay") so that you could envision our taxi-be adventures.  And so, here you go!  The picture below is your typical taxi-be.  This one has a door in the back to get on.  Some of them have the sliding door on the side.  they are MUCH more difficult to get in and maneuver around as a person who is "lava be"  VERY tall.

The picture below is a picture of us on the taxi-be, that's literally all I could fit in the picture as I was too squished to even move my arm to a better position!  "Where is Seth?" you might ask.  You can see another baseball cap right above Colie's head.  That would be Seth. He was so squished the Malagasy woman beside Randy put him on her lap....that happens quite often when I'm on the taxi-be with the children without Randy....someone will pick up the boy that's not on my lap and put him on their lap.  It's quite nice and the boys are used to it now.  Hey, it saves me an extra fair cost!

More adventures to follow.  Stay tuned.....


  1. i actually googled "taxi-be" a while back to see what one looks like, but they just showed pictures of little cars and from your description i knew that couldn't be right. looks like riding the subway- everyone all smushed in.

  2. Yipee! No I can really picture your daily about togetherness. Thank the Lord for the kindness of strangers....and your children's ability to accept that kindness! -Laura T.