Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evil on a stick....that's right....that's what I said.

March 21, 2011
(looking at my picture....good grief!  when did i get so many wrinkles?) So this morning I found a chameleon on a stalk of corn. (yes i have some sort of a fetish for chameleons) Of course I got it and put it on a stick to take home for the boys.....speaking of which, hold on one moment as I go look to make sure Charlie's still on the stick and not walking around the house somewhere.....Good thing I checked. He wasn't on the stick he was in the trash can that's holding the stick up! Ok, he's situated on the stick next to my chair here. Good boy Charlie.

Now, where was I...oh yeah, so normally as I walk down the road I feel like I'm on exposition as EVERYONE stares at vazaha (foreigners). BUT this morning....they were staring at me like I was a vazaha dahlah (crazy vazaha) and everyone kept taking a few steps away from me as I came walking near to them. Then I would hear them say, “Ah, tsi matoatra izy!” (ah, she's not scared). Finally, I asked a Malagasy man I passed (who smiled at me) why everyone was saying this and walking away from me. Apparently, and I forgot that someone told me this the first week or so we were here, most Malagasy see chameleons as representatives of evil because of their eyes being able to see two different ways at once. It's what they call being able to see the past and the future at one time, and therefore it must be evil. Great. Here's a missionary walking down the road carrying evil on a stick. Well....by the grace of God He has overcome evil....might as well put it on a stick, right?


  1. hahaha...evil on a stick! That is the best phrase ever. Love it. Love the blog, Megan!

  2. Hey Meg. I love, love, love your blog. I spent ages reading the other evening, I got right back to October. You've got a gift! Keep those entries coming!Love, Eli x

  3. Wow...so cool! Amazing to be able to see and do things that other people only read about. What a wonderful journey you are on. Enjoy and continue to share with others so they may learn.