Sunday, July 3, 2011

If the ostriches chase you just lie flat on the ground.

June 29, 2011

We're staying at the cute little bed and breakfast place that is about 40 kilo away from where we will go on safari this afternoon. Each family has a little bungalow area. This morning we were told that we can go for a hike around the area. We may see giraffe, zebra, different kinds of “deer”, ostriches. We could just walk along among them, no problem. He did worn us though that we should not run around the ostriches or they WILL chase us. If they chase us we should just hit the ground and lie flat and they should leave us alone. Great. That would make for a great blog story. So, off we went. We did see some ostriches and some guinea hens. But that was about it. It was neat being able to walk in the “wild” though. We were all saying that we felt like Marty from Madagascar....finally out in the wild!

We went to Nambidi national park which is a well known park here in S. Africa. They have the “big five” (Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhinoceros) As we showed up for our safari, we saw our ride.....Awesome. (Pic to left) The boys were totally pumped! We actually didn't see any predators and we saw just a few animals. This was due to two fires that had been set accidentally by locals living on the grounds. We were able to see the rear-ends of elephants. Even though they were far away they were still REALLY big butts! We were able to see a family of giraffes. We saw several deer like creatures, wildebeests and different birds. It was beautiful to see another side of God's creativity!

Our ride lasted about 3 hours. Halfway through we stopped and had drinks and a snack overlooking a beautiful African valley! It was like standing in the middle of “The Lion King”.

I think that's all I'll write right now as I'm feeling very overwhelmed by all our amazing experiences. Until later....


  1. How awesome! Great posts these last few times. I'm looking forward to hearing about your reentry, as that's a pet-crisis of mine. haha. Praying you have no problems and fit back smoothly all the while holding onto the mind-blowing, worldview shattering experiences you've had in the last year with grace and wisdom. Perhaps wait a while until you go to the grocery store though... :-) love you guys!

  2. beautiful pictures!!! what a blessing. :)