Monday, February 21, 2011

The Third Taxi-Bé - or Don't Pass Up Free Stuff

February 17
Guest Blogger: Randy Gehlert

Yesterday, since Seth was sick, I had to run and pick up Cole from school and take him home and then get back to work in time for my afternoon piano lessons. As I was riding on the taxi-bé back to work I looked ahead and saw a large THB truck that was coming toward us lose something out of the rear. (THB stands for Three Horses Beer. It is THE beer in Madagascar.) If you have ever seen people throw newspapers out of a car or truck – that is what it looked like. About ten or so orange newspaper-shaped objects came out of the truck onto the side of the road.

At first I thought the taxi-bé driver would hail the truck driver and let him know that he had lost something. Oh, silly Randy! The taxi-bé driver stepped on it! It was a race. Other passers-by were going for the treasure too. The driver stopped quickly by the orange stuff and jumped out. The man in the back of the bus who takes your money jumped out too. About 5 people had gathered and were racing to get their share. They were filled with glee as they walked away with their free Fanta Orange soda (which had fortuneately been in plastic bottles and not glass as is often the case).


  1. i'm sure they shared their sugery plunder with all you passengers. ;)