Monday, February 7, 2011

Jan 7, 2011 School, glorious school...

Well, it's been one full week at Vision Valley School and.......IT'S GOING GREAT!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! I'll feel totally relaxed about it once it's March and they're both still doing well. Seth is a different child! Both of them are getting up in the morning and doing their morning routines without near as much frustration. They can't wait to get to school in the mornings. Thursday was a bit of a trial as we got there early and Miss Julie, Seth's teacher, wasn't in the classroom yet. Seth had to go to Cole's classroom and he wasn't prepared for that. He started to cry and I had to pull him off of me and give him to Cole's teacher. All morning I just layed him at the Lord's footstool...what else could I do? That afternoon I asked him why he was crying that morning. “Because I didn't expect that,” he said. So we had a nice talk about how, when something happens that you don't expect, just go with the flow. “You knew you were at a safe place, and you knew that eventually Miss Julie would come and get you and the rest of your friends. So, there's no need to worry.” The next day the same scenario happened, only this time, no crying. YAHOOOO!

I guess I should explain our new morning routine on how to get to school now that we've moved and changed schools. We no longer get to walk through rice padies or through the EXTREMELY busy street markets and over swarming buckets of crayfish and ducks, chickens, and rabbits. However, we do get to ride the taxi-be in the middle of rush hour. OH BOY. We walk about .5 km to the taxi-be stop. Then, with one boy holding one hand and the other holding the other hand, and I mean holding my hand for dear life people.... as the taxi-be approaches you have to position yourself at just the right spot so you can start running at just the right time! Then one child holds the door while I block the others, who are running just as frantically as we are, and the children quickly climb in. By this time we've all worked up a sweat. Now we have to try to find a seat....oh, there are no more left? OK, we'll just stand in between legs. When we get to the corner where the police are we all bend down to make it look like we're all sitting on the taxi-be or we'll get pulled over. It's actually quite a good workout and lots of fun...if you're in the right mood. Now, by the time we've gotten to school there was no need to have combed the kids hair before we left as it's now a mess, my armpits are sweatting up a storm and the pears I put in their backpacks for someone say “ pear sause”?


  1. Amen! I'm so glad to hear it is all going well. Amazing what happens when we put it in the Lord's hands.....why is it so difficult for us to do? Why to we always worry and try to fix things on our own....Thanks Meg for reminding me to trust!
    Laura T.

  2. so glad to hear that seth isn't as stressed out about school! your morning commute sounds entertaining at the least...