Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thankful for grace

December 12, 2010
This week I talked to Miss Pre and Mr. Braun, the principals at MCA (the school where I teach). I shared with them what I shared with you in my last blog. I was very nervous. They both were very gracious. They said it was more important for me to obey what the Lord is telling me to do than to teach at MCA. “If God is telling you to leave here so that you can intercede, then He will also be faithful to provide what we need here at MCA”, said Miss Pre. I will be finishing up at MCA in December. In January I will be returning there for a day or two helping a new student settle into class and observing to see what, if any, special needs he may have. I need to follow through with this since I had promised his parents that I would do this. Also because MCA took him with the thought that I would be there to help with his transition. And so I will follow through with that.

I talked to the teachers this past Friday. They were very gracious and basically said the same thing Miss Pre had said. I told them that I would still be serving them, just not through teaching but through prayer. Right away hands went up with questions like, “Will you be praying just for the school or will you take personal prayer requests as well?”, “How should we get our prayer requests to you? Could you make a little box to put in the office for us?”, “Can I talk to you about my son this week? I need prayer on how to handle some difficult things with him.”

This, of course, brought great encouragement to me. I also talked to two parents with whom I've been working with their boys with special needs. Again, each of them totally understood and actually shared times when they felt the Lord calling them to do something, but they didn't listen right away either. So, basically, to sum it up, it was a very humbling, exhausting, but encouraging week. I feel at peace with the decision I made and am ready to see how the Lord is going to grow me and teach me in intercessory prayer.

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