Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010 Rescue Rangers!

So today as we were walking on the way home from school we saw a man walk up holding three tiny puppies by their legs and watched in horror as he chucked them into a bush! I asked him if he didn't want them any more (seemed obvious but just wanted to make sure). He said, “No”. So I let the boys pick one. We walked on towards our house and stopped at a friends house to see if she and her husband would want it. They said no, and explained why the guy probably throw them out. Apparently most female dogs are thrown out as puppies. As they get older the females are the ones held responsible for having more puppies and when they are in heat all the stray male dogs come “knockin' at the door” so to speak. Now, I'm not normally one to “rescue” animals, but I just couldn't help myself. So my friend gave me the number of a South African lady who is an animal rights activist and has set up a shelter here in Tana. I called her and she wanted all three right away as she was afraid they would die soon without proper attention. So the boys and I walked back to where the other puppies were and walked back into town and met her to give her the puppies. It was easier just to meet her than to try and give her directions on how to come to our house as there are no road names and no address. So, that was one of our “good deeds” today. The boys were excited to help and excited to tell Daddy all about it. Once he, Randy, heard the story he was very glad for the South African lady because that meant we didn't have another dog!

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