Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free range chickens and haircuts

So Randy and I were talking about how here in Madagascar they have free range chickens and how Americans would love the sound of that, especially those who want animals to have a nice life until they are ....well....consumed shall we say?.  And so I thought I'd show you what a free range chicken in Madagascar looks like.  See picture above.  Incase there are any doubts about what you see I'll explain it to you.  These free range chickens are eating to their hearts content in the sewers on the side of the road.  yummy.

And so this week Randy begged me to give him a haircut as his hair is getting REALLY long.  I finally gave in.  I got the shaver out and we decided to start on the longest setting which is 4.  ummmm  shouldn't have done the whole head in 4....Too bad Randy's not like a potato head.  I could just switch his hair...bad....very bad.  Hence, no picture of new haircut.

By the by, I changed my blog site a little bit.  You can now leave a comment even if you aren't a member on google.  I did this because...well...to be honest.... I need feedback people!  There have been a few of you who have commented and I've loved it!  It gives me the umph to keep writing!  So.......if you read the blog could you please leave a comment every now and again for my encouragement?  THANKS!!

Ok, this entry is me just ...well....blah blah blahing.  Have a great day and know that we are too!


  1. I read and enjoy each new entry of the blog. It makes the miles melt a little bit (not much but a little bit). It also gives me a wonderful insight into the lives and people in the place where the Lord has placed the 4 of you. I appreciated the pic of the free-range chickens. I am thinking "crew cut" for Randy for the remaining 7.5 months in Mada.

  2. I've love reading your blog. I check it every morning after quiet time before the kids get up. What I like most about your writing is the pure honesty. Keep it up. Thinking of you tonight as book club meets tonight...we got Shelly to join.
    Laura T (your Penrose St Neighbor)

  3. Well, now that you made it easy for me...I can tell you that I love reading your posts. It makes me feel like we're sipping hot drinks together while you tell me about your day.

    Keep it up. I'm not only proud of you for living in Madagascar, but for doing such a great job of sharing it with the rest of us!


  4. Have you eaten chicken since you got there? The cycle of life is great isn't it.

  5. Hey, that helped, Meg! I've wanted to leave comments before and couldn't figure it out! Guess you guys don't eat much free-range chicken there? How is meal prep going? Tried any Malagasy recipes?


  6. well, we do eat some chicken here. usually we buy it at the grocery store but we have eaten some from the butchers. malagasy recipes going well. I get together with Helena (my friend and language helper) every other friday and we cook traditional mala. foods. It's a really nice time together and the rule when we do that is NO english allowed, just Malagasy!

  7. People say goats eat anything but they are more discriminating than chicken. One time my brother scrubbed his feet, removed lots of dead skin, when he threw the water away, the chickens dove,pecked and swallowed every speck of skin. Someone clears their throat they eat it. The cycle does not break when there are chicken around; "man eats chicken, chicken eats man, eat..."