Sunday, November 21, 2010

Never expected that to happen today!

Mommy! Quick! I think I see a chameleon!” We were just talking yesterday about how the Malagasy children find these great chameleons right by our house in the “wild” that people back home would pay big bucks to have. We never see them! I ran outside as fast as I could. Sure enough. This sucker was BIG! My head started to swirl a little. “Be brave Megan. This is for the happiness of your children. I don't think these things are poisonous. Do they have teeth? Don't think about it. Just do it”.  All of a sudden, before my senses got a hold of me, I hear myself shouting out orders. “Seth, go get the big stick from the hallway. Cole, got get the wash bin from the extra room”. Stick in hand and wash bucket ready for action I silently remind myself, “steady girl, steady”. GOT IT!!

We ran into the house with the poor creature trying it's best to look really big and hissing, except he doesn't make any sound. Randy comes down the stairs. “Wow, honey, that is a big chameleon!” I just looked up at him with a big smile, I was so proud of my accomplishment! We then spent the next ½ hour watching him, trying to touch him, and then screaming or jumping (just a little bit) when he'd turn around and flash his toothless mouth at us!

OK Megan, you only live once. How often are you going to have a wild chameleon in your house? Go for it. Pick it up. You know deep down inside you there lives a brave Steve Irwin want-to-be. You can do it. Be the “chameleon hunter” that you know you can be” I take a deep breath after giving myself a pep talk, put on the yellow rubber dish gloves, and go for it.

Slowly, step by step I found myself becoming more brave. The boys on the other hand, climbed up onto the mantle of the fireplace! I truly believe that that toothless chameleon and I bonded. Don't we look cute together?

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  1. Thanks for posting the pics! I love them so much!