Friday, October 8, 2010

Swim as fast as you can Cockroach, but you're not getting away, and other amazing stories!

October 8, 2010
Woke up this morning and ran to go puke in the bathroom, intestinal bug. As I was hugging the porcaline bowl I saw before me a cockroach that had fallen into the toilet but was trying to swim to safety. I vomited all over the big sucker! HA! Take that you stinkin' cockroach! Revenge is mine!

On a more serious note, I can't even believe all the things that the Lord allowed me to see this week. I know that He does miracles on a regular basis, but let's face it, I'm usually too busy to see them. This Wednesday my language helper, and friend, Helena came over. She looked very sad and distracted. Here, her husband's sister and 3 children showed up Tuesday. Apparently her nephew was sick and needed to go to the hospital. Tiana, Helena's sister in law, believes that Helena and her husband, Haja, have lots of money since the both have jobs. It's quite the opposite. The live in a little one room “house”. However, Tiana was expecting that Helena feed them all and provide for them. Helena had been up all the night before praying and asking God to provide food for them to feed their guests. Now that same afternoon I was going to a seamstress to get a sundress made for my birthday. In the light of things I realized that my dress wasn't really that important. Not often, as Americans, are we faced with the decision of, “Do I buy a dress for myself, or do I take my friend food shopping so they can eat this week”...quite literally! So we went food shopping instead. That afternoon a missionary friend of mine calls me, not knowing anything that happened earlier that day, and says, “Meg, I know this sounds sort of tacky but I'm not sure what to get you for your birthday and I was wondering if I could just pay for your dress to be made.” HELLO!!!! I just started bawling! My God loves me so much that he wants to provide a silly little dress that I was looking forward to getting! Now, I understand that some of you will think I'm silly for thinking God is providing these things...but....I do!

So, later that evening I was to call a missionary doctor to see when and if he could see Faniva (Helena's nephew, a little 3 year old boy who's testicle is literally the size of my fist). After talking to him I was to walk to Helena's to let them know what the scoop was. Well, the plumber came to our house (did I mention that we had contacted the plumber 1 month ago?) and it looked as if he wasn't going to leave until too late so that I couldn't make it to Helena's to tell them that we could go to the doctor together on Friday. (It's not safe here to walk after dark, by yourself, as a foreigner.) So, what could I do? I wanted Helena to hear the good news, because I didn't want her to be up all night worrying again. So, I prayed, “Lord, I know you hear me and I know that you speak to Helena, would you please tell her to come here tonight so I can share with her this good news?” Ten minutes later.....ding dong at our gate. Guess who? Helena. She had a “feeling” that I couldn't make it to her house and thought she would come over and see what was going on! CRAZY!!!!!

That's not all folks. The story continues! This morning I was to meet Helena, Tiana, and Faniva and go with them to the doctor's house. Believe it or not they wanted me to come along to translate for them! Need I remind you people that I've only been here 2 months! Anyway, last night around 6:00 I got violently sick...throwing up and diarrhea, you get the nasty picture right? No need for details. Anyway, didn't sleep well last night as I was constantly running to the toilet and bucket. This morning, same thing. So what could I do but pray. “Lord, Helena is really nervous about going to an American doctor on her own, she'd really like me to go. I can't right now. Would you please block up both ends of me and give my body strength to walk 1 ½ miles to the taxi-be and then another 1 mile to the doctors, and back again?” Mind you, I was nervous. I had no energy. But I headed for Helena's singing, “I walk by faith and not by sight. I walk by faith for this little boy. I walk by faith and not by sight. I walk by faith with You my Lord”. Did I doubt? YES! I even packed an extra pair of pants in case well, you get the picture right? And guess what? 2 ½ hrs and NO diarrhea, and NO throwing up! I needed to stop several times as it felt like I was going to toss my cookies, but I didn't! On the way home the family put their money together to get me a taxi ride all the way to my house so I wouldn't have to walk, I must have looked really bad to them! I offered to pay and they refused. They wanted to give me a gift back. I no sooner walked into the house, and put it nicely ….. exploded! What great timing! That's the type of God that I serve. And you know what? Even if today didn't go like that and I did put a load in my pants on the way to the doctor, I would still think my God is an awesome God!

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