Sunday, October 10, 2010

Introducing: MacGyver, my HUSBAND!

Hang in there people!  This blog from the guest blogger isn't quite as boring as the last one!
Guest Blogger: Randy

Mondays are usually my day off. But during the week leading up to AMI night (think youth retreat with adults) I had so much work to do I had to go in and work on my day off while the boys were in school. When I got to AMI I didn't need to use the keys I had been given because Estelle, the woman who cleans, was there. There are also two Korean, single women who live at AMI. While I was there one of them said she was leaving to go meet up with the other one in Tana. A little after 11 am, Estelle, left. So, I was all alone at the school. I had planned to meet Megan after she picked up the boys at Shop Rite so we could all walk home together. So, at the right time I packed up my stuff and went to go home. Now AMI is basically a large fancy house with a wall around it. (All middle class and upper class houses have walls around them.) In the wall there is a door and a gate. After I locked the two front doors of the school itself I went to go out the door in the wall. This door had been locked by Estelle. When I got my keys out I found that none of them worked in this door. So, I went over to the gate – where the vehicles come in and out. I found out I could get out the gate, but I had no way of locking it once I was outside. And it was not safe to leave it open. So, I went around to the back of AMI where there are two very tiny “houses” within the wall of the gate. (I'm still not sure who lives here. I know the guard used to live here – he just moved out – even though he is still the guard.) I was going to ask someone to let me out and lock the gate behind me. But no one was home there either. So, I was alone at AMI and locked in.
I discovered that if I had some rope I could engineer a device to lock the gate once I was outside. So, I went back in the building and looked for rope – no rope. I did find a box of keys – lots of keys. So, I took the box out to the gate and tried them. First set of keys...second set of keys...key number luck. No keys for the front gate.
By this time it was passed the time I was supposed to meet Megan. When I called her on the cell phone she said, “I'll be right there. We're just leaving the pharmacy.” To which I replied, “Yes, but I'm not there yet.”
Finally I made a rope out of plastic bags, a towel and a table cover. I let myself out and then threw the improvised rope over the gate and took the two taxi-be's to Shop Rite (which is on the way to our house). When I finally made it to Shop Rite and was inside the store one of the Shop Rite guards that we know saw Megan walking by and told her I was there. (She had run into someone she knew and had been talking the whole time.) So, we did get to go home together.
The next morning Estelle comes into the teacher's office at AMI and tells the acting administrator that she thinks someone tried to break in because she found the “rope” lying inside the driveway.


  1. i'm so proud. you know they make climbing equipment for situations such as that...i'll have to send you some. ;)