Friday, September 10, 2010

whatever you are, declare it loudly and unabashadly!

So I'm having my language study time on Monday and I'm learning different phrases to help me out at the market.  Things like "I want a banana", " How much is that".  "That's too much". "What is that?"  Things like this.  So my helper pretends to be a seller and I went up to her feeling fairly confident.  Now, Randy and his helper had joined us to see how well I was doing.  So I went up to Helena and said, very confidently, "Anoa ve akondro".  All of a sudden Harri and Helena busted out laughing, that's never a good sign.  "What, what is it?  That's what YOU told me to say!"    "No", said Helena.  "I told you to say Anoavy Akondro".  "That's what I said!"  "NO, you said, "anoa VE akondro"  "oh, ......what did i say?"  Helena, "you said, "I AM A BANANA".  Well, atleast I said it with confidence!  So, that's what I had to share for today.  Anyone getting hungry for a banana?
Over and out
Meg the banana