Monday, September 27, 2010

Brain Fart Central

Septermber 24, 2010 Brain Fart Central
Well, for those of you who know me well you know how often I get “brain farts”. For those of you who don't know what a “brain fart” is let me elaborate. A “Brain Fart” is when one goes to speak a sentence and one is unable pull forth from one's mind the word one wants to say. And thus.....just air escapes the mouth.

So the other day I was walking down the street and I saw my language helper. She walked up to me shook my hand and waited for me to greet her. I just stared at her. The words escaping my brain. I stood their helpless. She greeted me and I then returned the greeting. She asked me what the news was and again I just stood their unable to spew forth the appropriate response to her question! I said, in English, “I'm having a big brain fart”. She said, in Malagasy, “I don't understand 'brain fart'”. Then, in charades, I acted out a normal fart, with sound effects, (this all in the street mind you) and then acted it out like it was coming out of my brain. And, being such a great NONverbal communicator, she understood what I meant and laughed for several minutes.

Redemption was mine, however, today. Helena (my lanuage helper) came over and we were working on a specific grammer rule in Malagasy. I was unclear as to when the rule was to be used. So for a few minutes she explained and gave examples and then I repeated it back to her with my own examples, all in Malagasy mind you, AND......we totally understood each other! YAHOOO!!!!

Touche' brain fart!

Septembe 26, 2010  
This past week was difficult. Seth stayed home 3 days of the week and Cole was home one day this week from school with bad colds and fevers. I was proud of myself as I come from a family that makes you go to the doctors if you slightly cough. I'm really spoiled back home as we have family very close by, and if the kids were sick for a few days in a row someone would offer to come and let me go shopping or go to the YMCA and just get out of the house. Not the case here. It wasn't horrible but I was thinking of home often this week. We went for lots of walks during the day as their fevers wouldn't start until evening and they seemed to feel “OK” during the day. So we would go for short walks, ride the scooter to the store/market, and play outside on the porch with Footsiefootsy. But by the end of the week I was sick of being with my kids. I remember, before I had children, always getting offended when one of my older friends would say, “Anyone want to buy a kid? I've got one for sale today, low price”. Sorry for judging you friend. I totally get it now. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who took the kids to work with him Friday afternoon so I could go out to lunch with three other missionary women to celebrate a birthday. Thank you Randy!

Tomorrow is …..a school day. I'm really hoping Seth has some encouraging moments tomorrow. He's not at the point of crying in the mornings, yet. I just hate seeming him feel so nervous about school. I totally get why he's so overwhelmed with ALL the MASSIVE changes that have happened in his life this past 6 weeks. I did find out that his teacher now has an assistant so I'm hoping for a less chaotic classroom this week, and I'm sure, so is Mrs. Ando!


  1. Hey, Megan! I'm laughing out loud reading your posts. I enjoy the blog. And I'm praying for you guys.

    Did I ever tell you I got married last May? Thus the new last name.

    Candice (Speare) Prentice

  2. This is one of those ways that God creates utter and total dependency on Him ... when you go to Africa, He removes most of your support systems and you have no one to turn to but Him ... painful? Yes! Awesome results? Absolutely!! Hang in there sister!