Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is this day over yet?

So I was still sleeping peacefully in bed when  I heard "MOMMY!  Open your eyes!"  I did. I shouldn't have.  As I opened my eyes a scream came flying out of my mouth. "Get that cockroach out of my face!"  Literally, two inches from my face......really?  An this is how my day started.  That was the good part of the day!  About an hour later as our cleaning lady was cleaning she bumped a brand new bottle of olive oil, that  I had just decided to splurge on yesterday, onto the floor and ....well... let's just say I could have sauteed off the floor for about a month with the whole mess!  "Not a big deal" I told myself, it was an accident.  A half an hour later Jeanine, our helper, comes in with two flees in her hands.  They were in the boys laundry.  Great.....I keep reminding them that they can't play in Footsie's house.  So now we have flees.  Around lunch time Seth went running to the bathroom right after Jeanine mopped the floor.  Disaster.  Big thump.  Loud wail. Big bump on Seth's head.  He seemed to be ok after a while so I didn't worry about it.  Later in the afternoon Jeanine cut herself with a knife and Seth stubbed his toe and ripped half his nail off.  Poor kid, it just wasn't his day.  We had a friend over for a play date...I guess the Lord knew I'd need the encouragement.  Around 3:00 Seth started not feeling well and started throwing up and was very sleepy.  I think he had a slight concussion!  I called Dr. Jonothan, one of the AIM missionaries we know.  I talked to his nurse and told her about his clonking his head earlier.  She said it wasn't good that he was throwing up and that he just wanted to sleep.  She would have Dr. Jonothan call when he got out of surgery but don't let him go to sleep.  I hung up with her and my phone froze.  Great.  What good is a stinkin' phone if it freezes in the middle of an issue!  Thanks a lot phone.  I prayed over Seth, put on his favorite video and we snuggled in bed with cole and watched the video.  He stayed awake and by 4:30 he looked at me and said, "let's go play baseball". did!  He seemed fine.  A different child.  His face looked healthy his eyes looked normal, his skin looked normal.....thank you Lord.  That night we got several calls from Jonothan and other missionaries as the news had gotten out that Seth probably had a slight concussion.  Everyone wanted to know if he was ok and if we needed help.  So thankful that the Lord provided family for us here in Mada.  Seth was fine this morning.  His head hurt from where he fell but other than that, he's fine!  Oh, did i mention in the morning I had made chocolate chip cookies?  One of the short termers brought chocolate chips, an item that is very hard to find here, and gave me a bag.  The cookies turned out great and well.....with the day I had had.....I ate........let's just say more than a handful:)

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