Saturday, September 24, 2011

Struggling to appreciate things

  1. September 1, 2011

    Yes, I know it's been a lllllloooooonnnnnngggggg time since I've last blogged. I do need to appologize, that's assuming that anyone still reads this now that we're back in the States. I admit that I just haven't wanted to blog. I keep thinking, “Who wants to hear the mundane life of a stay at home mom, who has no children staying at home, living, what feels like, a mundane American life.”

    Anyway, that's enough of my soaking in my own misery. The boys had their first day of school on Monday. To say they were excited to ride the bus would be an understatement! We left the house to walk to their bus stop around 7:45 am. The bus stops right down the street from us at 7:51am. As the boys went off on the bus Randy and I walked back home. I then left to drive to the school for a “tissues and tea” for Kindergarten parents. I just wanted to go meet some of the other parents. There were about 10 other parents there. Some where complaining about how they had to walk 2 blocks to the bus stop even though the bus goes right past their house. I just sat there quietly listening. Should I even bother sharing with them the walk we did to get to school when we were in Madagascar? I decided against it.

    I came home, flopped down on the couch and started crying. Randy came out and said, “you sad to see the kids go?” “NO” I said. “There were parents complaining because they had to walk a whole 2 blocks to the bus stop! I wanted to complain because we ONLY had to walk 2 blocks from our house. Our walk to the bus here is so BORING! It was so short and there was no market to walk though. No need for me to say, ' Don't step on the pile of fish honey.' 'Don't trip over the hens.' 'Watch out for the zebu'. No hard working women pounding leaves in the pestle and mortar. Nobody yelling, “Vaza! Vaza!” It's SO boring here!”

    So, as you can hear in my writing, I'm still struggling with missing Madagascar. The boys and Randy are well adjusted. Though I do need to say that at least once a week Seth is in tears saying he misses his friend Amin from Madagascar.

    And so, this is why I haven't wanted to write. What do you write when most of what is on your mind is missing a certain place. I know that eventually I'll be able to move on from this pain. Until then, you'll have to lovingly deal with me as I share my grief through writing.

    For now I feel led to follow a friend of mine's lead. She just finished up her furlough in Canada and is now back in Madagascar. She wrote down 10 things she loves about her homeland (Canada). And so I shall do the same thing as I try to encourage my heart. I'm not going to state the obvious that I love my family and friends.

    10 things I love about America

    1. The freedom, safety, form of Government

    2. I can trust, for the most part, the policemen who are out working so hard for our safety.

    3. I can find just about any kind of nationality, people and cuisine, within an hour from my house!

    4. The freedom of speech and religion we have here.

    5. The access to anything and everything we have here (although this is also one of the things I can't stand)

    6. Reliable electricity and clean running water

    7. Turkey Hill Ice cream

    8. Hershey's chocolate

    9. 37” seemed pants

    10. Carpet

      and .....I'm done.....

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