Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The beginning of many “Goodbyes”

May 29, 2011

Today was “Mother's Day” in Madagascar. I'm being totally spoiled here people! Two mother's days in one year! Yeah, I can get used to that. We went to Church and then out to lunch at Le Combava for my favorite dessert.....fondant chocolat. Fondant chocolat, say hello to my hips.

What I didn't realize was that I was going to have to say goodbye to some close vaza (foreigner) friends we have here today. Josh and Jocelyn Plett are leaving this week to go back to Canada for 2 months. Therefore, we won't see them again before we leave Mada. I had not mentally prepared myself for this. So when it hit me as we were walking into hit me hard.  (pic of boys and Judah, Jocelyn's older son on left; pic of Jocelyn and me on right)

I've learned that missing people is a huge gift. When I was sick with Post Partum Psychosis, with Seth, in 2005 I didn't miss him when he was taken away from me for awhile. I'll never forget the first time I missed him after being sick. It was such a wonderful, healthy feeling; to miss someone you loved. And so, now when I leave people, have that feeling of sadness, of a chapter ending in my life for, who knows how long, though it's painful, it's also a reminder to me of a blessing. It's a blessing because to miss someone means that they have made a positive impact on your life. To miss someone means that you have grown together through daily activities, trials, happiness.... It means that you have allowed that person to connect with your spirit. The deepest part of you.

And so, I guess I'm writing this blog more for myself then for you all......reminding myself.....trying to convince myself....that, as my Dad says, “It's better to leave wishing you could stay, then leave wishing you had left an hour ago”. I guess not wanting to leave means that we really have settled down, and in, with Malagasy living, with friendships, Malagasy family, Malagasy culture. No, this year hasn't been without hardship, but it has been full of contentment, full of things that the Lord wanted to grow us in and use us for.

I wouldn't change anything that has happened this year. I have no regrets.....well's not the regret of having to go home to America, it's the regret of having to leave Madagascar. So I'm thankful for these tears of saying “Goodbye” because that means we've accomplished what we came here to do: build relationships, encourage others, grow, and not just survive but thrive while living here in Madagascar. We've all done these things. And most importantly we've all grown in our relationship with the Lord and with one another as a family. Success.

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