Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing....Seth, the successful face painter!

So this afternoon Seth worked for about 15 minutes making a special sign. He said he was going to start his own face painting business. 

Then looked at me with these adorable eyes and a sweet smile and said, “I need to practice so that I can be successful”. Hence, what ensued was a ½ hr of him painting Cole's, mine, and his own face.

Afterwards I looked out the window and saw Cole who had his face painted by Seth, laughing hilariously while chasing John Pierre, our guard, who was running away saying, “Matoatra be aho!” (I'm scared.) I love Madagascar!

About an hour later there was a knock at our gate door. It was a woman from church who had come with her daughter who was very sick with a toothache. It was quite funny seeing their reactions to my face having been painted. I then proceeded to have a ½ hr long serious conversation with my face painted. Must have given God a chuckle.....oh the joys of encouraging my children's creativity:)


  1. Is it just me or does my nose look HUGE in this picture? I think I need a new make up artist!

  2. I will hook up your son with a tattoo apprenticeship on his return.

    And.... stripes will do that.... have him go horizontal next time.......

  3. that would be great. then i can get all the tats i want for free.....they are expensive ya know..