Monday, January 31, 2011

The Innocence of Children – January 10, 2011

Guest Blogger: Randy Gehlert

This afternoon after picking up the boys from school we stopped at the outdoor market on our way home. Megan wanted to buy some fruit. After buying some passion fruit and as we exited the market, we came across a man who was completely naked entering the market area coming directly toward us. Seth and Cole were in front of me and Megan was a few feet behind me. I, in a normal voice, said, “Oh my”. Megan, from behind said, “O, what a shame, we need to pray for that man”. The boys who went by the man first only said, “Daddy, why did you say, 'O my'?” and “What man mommy? What's a shame?” They never noticed the naked man. The man appeared to be mentally ill, and there were several men following him, gently calling after him. We kept going and do not know what happened to him, but we did have to spend the next five minutes telling Seth to 'never mind' the “Oh, my” and the “What a shame”? Megan lost her appatite for the passion fruit. New York City – Talatamaty – some things must be universal.

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