Friday, November 4, 2011

To Answer fury, He was soft

A dear friend of mine from Madagascar has a gift of writing. She wrote a poem for me in response to my earlier posting. I'd like to share it with you all as it spoke well of what i feel and the truth of God. It's by Sarah N. Thank you Sarah, from the bottom of my broken heart.

To answer fury, He was soft

Like a lioness
Trapped in a cage
Please tame
Her wild ways.

Strong with teeth
Sharp and biting
She speaks with words
Not so inviting

Tearing through and through
The humble Master
Saying words of love
To calm disaster

He cries when she's whipped
Into submission
As she is breaking
His heart is broken.

She hardly sees
Past blinded eyes
Her own frailty
Is its own sunrise.

He clearly sees
Past snarling lips
She scrapes at wounds
He's tried to kiss

Her rage is
His sacrifice was
for her life.

The cat is meek
She's been declawed
He has mercy
On her flaws.

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